BLUE by Wesley St. Jo and Remé Grefalda
Illustrated by Wesley St Jo 

Copyright © C. Sophia Ibardaloza and Remé Grefalda
Release date: April 2017
Pages: 44
Price: $17 (before discount)
Perfect-bound Paperback
Full Color Interior
0.29 lbs 6×9 inches
Distributor: Paloma Press

Paloma Press is delighted to announce the release of BLUE, a poetry collaboration by Wesley St. Jo and Remé Grefalda.


Advance words from Eileen Tabios:

Never mind fairy tales! Reality can offer enchantment! As in BLUE’s unique tale of the luminosity in a pair of eyes expanding to blue the world with all the shades and nuance of a color that’s apt for many things literal or metaphorical: sky, sorrow, the ocean, sunlight, a telephone, “some yesterday tune,” and “belonging obviously to you” …
Eileen R. Tabios

Literary Aficionado 
Galatea Resurrects



WESLEY ST. JO is an artist and writer based in Morgan Hill, California. Her work has been featured in various online and print media including the anthologies, Finding God (Anvil, 2009) and A Taste of Home (Anvil, 2008).

REMÉ GREFALDA is the author of baring more than soul and The Other Blue Book: On The High Seas of Discovery, and co-authored a Ford Foundation report, Towards A Cultural Community: Identity, Education and Stewardship in Filipino American Performing Arts. She is the recipient of the Philippines Palanca Award for her full length play, In the Matter of Willie Grayson, produced and staged at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

BLUE at the Library of Congress!

The authors of BLUE read whimsically before a rapt audience! (The Mary Pickford Theater, 9/18/2017) “America’s Sweethearts”

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