Publishing socially conscious poetry & prose since 2016.


Established in 2016, PALOMA PRESS is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, Filipino American women-led, independent literary press publishing poetry, prose, and limited edition books. We, at Paloma Press, believe in the power of the literary arts, how it can create empathy, bridge divides, change the world. We believe in kapwa, in community strengthening and cooperation, and in nourishing connections and shared identities. To this end, we have released fundraising books, and continue to donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofits committed to working for racial and environmental justice, animal welfare, human rights, and marginalized communities.

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We have books already scheduled for release through 2022 and are unable to accept submissions at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

To inquire about our catalog, please email Aileen Cassinetto, editor [at] palomapress.net

Here you will find encounters between profoundly different cultures, the authors working their way through threads of humanity or animality and mythology like fibers twisted in varied textures and hues throughout a shawl. What, in this human condition, is worthwhile?

Dr. Jean Vengua