HUMANITY in support of migrant and refugee children


A child uprooted may be called a refugee, an internally displaced person or a migrant. But first and foremost, a child is a child, no matter where they come from. (UNICEF)

The numbers are staggering:

11,786 children under 18 are currently detained after crossing the southern U. S. border (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Settlement);

8.4 million children have been affected by the Syrian war, either in Syria or as refugees in neighboring countries (PBS)

Separated from their families and/or displaced from their homes, these children are most vulnerable to unfair treatment and emotional trauma, and are desperately in need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF USA works to “support and expand existing protection measures including alternatives to detention, strengthening the sponsor system, legal assistance and advocacy.” UNICEF also works closely with partners “to provide education, water, health care and immunizations, physical protection, psychological support and clothing to children in Syria and Syrian refugee children in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Europe.”

As an action call in support of UNICEF USA’s Emergency Relief campaigns on the borders of the United States and in Syria, Paloma Press will send a copy of its forthcoming anthology, HUMANITY, plus 2 other books, to the first 10 donors to give at least $40. After you make your donation,
email us your snail mail address. 100% of donations will go directly to UNICEF USA. Here is the link to our UNICEF fundraiser page.

In HUMANITY, we are presented with humanity’s explorations, often struggles, with itself in a variety of contexts. From the anthology’s contributors—poets, environmental advocates, an ethnomusicologist, a physician, an ethnoecologist, a music minister, a clergywoman, a fictionist, and multiculturalists—we glimpse an overall picture of strength and fragility, of empathy, and myriad hopes. #humanitytheanthology #humanity

Established in 2016, PALOMA PRESS is a San Francisco Bay Area-based independent literary press publishing poetry, prose, and limited edition books. PALOMA believes in the power of the literary arts, how it can create empathy, bridge divides, change the world. To this end, PALOMA has released fundraising chapbooks such as Marawi, in support of relief efforts in the Southern Philippines; and After Irma After Harvey, in support of hurricane-displaced animals in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. As part of the San Francisco Litquake Festival, Paloma proudly curated the wildly successful literary reading, “Three Sheets to the Wind,” and raised money for the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.

*UNICEF USA logo used with permission.

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