Big Other’s Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2019!

by John Madera

The bad news is 2019 will find humanity continuing to head toward the termination of organized existence, with the U. S. government continuing to lead the way. The good news is 2019 will also find amazing books written by amazing writers published by amazing presses, small and indie presses as always working against great odds to transform the literary world, if not the world itself, by publishing the best words in the best order. Check out my picks for the 2019 books to buy, read, share, borrow, review, talk about, etc., below!

“It’s the summer of 2013 in Marseille, in the year of its designation as the European Capital of Culture—tourists come to see. Americans wander and sightsee this dangerous, impoverished yet seductive city. Noemie is from Montreal, and she wants to stay.”

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