#AWPVirtualBookfair 2020

#PalomaPress is participating in #AWPVirtualBookfair! 2019 & spring 2020 titles are 30% off through the end of March. Email editor at palomapress dot net for details.

Hey y’all!
As an indie publisher myself I understand the importance of conferences like this to keep presses like Skull + Wind going. So I thought, “What if we set up an experience equally disorienting and overwhelming but also totally awesome like the AWP bookfair, but accessible and conscious of the health restrictions and decisions being made about AWP right now?”
So welcome to the #AWPVirtualBookfair as inspired by poets G. Calvocoressi, Dana Levin, and Greg Pardlo!
Participating publishers can each take a page or two (maybe three if you have large lists! Please try tomorrow to be mindful of space and the size of this doc!) to link to books. These can be publishers who will be at AWP and publishers who won’t. I’m hoping this can be a massive resource for folks on par with the AWP bookfair for those choosing or forced to stay home.
Hope this works because I think it’d be awesome!

NOTE: Two #AWPvirtualbookfair tips for shoppers if you’re experiencing lag:
1) turn the settings in the doc from “Editing” (the pencil at the top right) to “Viewing” (the eye)
2) Check out the “published” web page which loads faster and is screen reader friendly.
Trevor Ketner (they/them)
Skull + Wind Press

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