PAGPAG’S Anti-COVID-19 Initiative

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SUPPORT FOOD BANKS: This is a modest initiative to help support foodbanks for which we’ve set aside 20 copies of PAGPAG. For every minimum $20 donation to food banks, whether your local community’s or through Feeding America, you will receive a free, signed copy of PAGPAG.

“Pagpag” is a term applied to food scavenged out of garbage—thus, the book’s theme is itself highly-sensitive to issues of food insecurity, a matter just drastically ramped up by the Covid-19 pandemic. New millions are now turning to food banks due to job disruptions and school closures. We hope you can participate in this initiative of supporting those in need of food, even as you add a book to your reading pile to weather shelter-in-place requirements.

This initiative is in line with PAGPAG publisher Paloma Press’ belief in “the power of the literary arts, how it can create empathy, bridge divides, change the world.”

You can send a copy of your donation receipt and address to Eileen Tabios through Facebook PM or email at galateaten at gmail dot com

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