Bookshop now carries Paloma Press titles


Book buyers now have the option of ordering Paloma Press titles on Bookshop, “an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community.”

Please check out our newest releases:
Shield the Joyous by Christopher X. Shade (April 2020)
PAGPAG: The Dictator’s Aftermath by Eileen R. Tabios (March 2020)
Glimpses: A Memoir: Through the MDR Poetry Generator by Leny Mendoza Strobel (August 2019)
Elsewhen: pieces by Robert Cowan (July 2019)
Diaspora: Volume L by Ivy Alvarez (April 2019)
The Good Mother of Marseille by Christopher X. Shade (April 2019)
The Great American Novel by Eileen R. Tabios (February 2019)

To date, Bookshop has raised $297,721.32 for local bookstores.