The de Young Open

Congratulations to Paloma Press book designer C. Sophia Ibardaloza for being featured in the de Young Open Exhibition!

Artist’s statement:

“My art poses questions about belonging and at the same time celebrates the human experience. I like experimenting with various media and recycling found objects to show that nothing is irredeemable. In my time-based media installation, “panahon / time,” I incorporate video art, visual arts and poetry to reconstruct perceptions of time. Time is relative even as in the West we think of it as unidirectional. For example, my installation opens with an old film clip of a traditional rice millstone to represent my culture’s belief in “gulong ng palad” or wheel of fate. The installation as a whole is a way of reclaiming stories passed down through generations such as the right to love and the meaning of home in exile. The third part of the anthology shows unfinished sketches of racial struggle coming together over time to form a more complete image that is representative of that famous arc as it finally bends toward justice.”

The exhibition is now open to the public.

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