Happy International Women’s Day from Paloma Press!

Ivy Alvarez (Diaspora: Volume L, New Zealand); Christine Amour-Levar (Humanity, Singapore); Cynthia Buiza (Humanity, California); Dr. Melinda Luisa de Jesus (peminology / Humanity, California); Anne Gorrick (My Beauty is an Occupiable Space, New York); Gabriela Igloria (Humanity, Virginia); Reme-Antonia Grefalda (Blue, Illinois); Mary Kasimor (After Irma, After Harvey, Washington); Agnes Marton (After Irma, After Harvey, Luxembourg); Lisa Suguitan Melnick (After Irma, After Harvey, California); Dr. S. Lily Mendoza (Humanity, Michigan); Laura Mullen (Humanity, Louisiana); Jeanne-Marie Osterman (Shellback, New York); Dr. Mary Pan (Humanity, Washington); Dr. Jeanine Pfeiffer (Humanity, California); Marthe Reed (Humanity); Barbara Jane Reyes (forthcoming nonfiction; California); Jacki Rigoni (Seven Skirts, California); Rev. Karen Shipp (Humanity, Georgia); Lara Stapleton (forthcoming short story collection, New York); Dr. Leny Mendoza Strobel (Glimpses / Humanity, California); Eileen R. Tabios (Pagpag / The Great American Novel / Hay(na)ku 15 / Humanity / One, Two, Three / Manhattan / After Irma, After Harvey / Marawi, California); Dr. Jean Vengua (Marcelina, California); Rev. Audrey Ward (Humanity, California); C. Sophia Ibardaloza (book designer, California); Aileen Cassinetto (publisher, California)

For a complete list of Paloma Press releases, please visit our catalog.

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