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It’s our 6th anniversary and a new website is overdue! Please bookmark our new website address: and new email address: editor at palomapress dot ORG. Also, check out our newest titles:

Wanna Peek Into My Notebook? Notes on Pinay Liminality, a collection of lyric essays by Barbara Jane Reyes (March 2022)

“This process has created a significant body of multifaceted work addressing the times, lives, and struggles of Pinays in the diaspora.”
—Jean Vengua

“A memoir, a bridge, a lyric, a liminality, this book is a gift from that cool rebellious poet friend who never stops reading, learning, writing, reflecting, and sharing, who sees in us our multitudes, and wants for us nothing short of pure self-determination and possibility.”
—Jason Magabo Perez

The Ruin of Everything, a short story collection by Lara Stapleton (October 2021)

“The real pleasure of this book lies in Stapleton’s irrepressible approach to narrative structure. Long, loose chains of events culminate in volta-like swerves…. these endings refashion early meanderings in thrilling flashes.”
The New York Times

Seven Skirts, a debut poetry collection by Jacki Rigoni (April 2021)

“The poems that stand out more brightly against this backdrop are those that celebrate women breaking silence after abuse, reclaiming their history, helping each other, learning to let go.” —Luisa A. Igloria

“Ultimately, Seven Skirts is a collection rooted in healing. This is a necessary and stunning book.” —Tayve Neese

Shellback, a second poetry collection by Jeanne-Marie Osterman (February 2021)

“Courageous, insightful, and unsettling poems about war and family ties.”
Kirkus Reviews

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