Bicol Book Launch

The Future Is a Country I Do Not Live In, a debut poetry collection by Cynthia Buiza, was successfully launched in Bicol, Philippines on December 3rd. Gratitude to the Albay Arts Foundation for hosting the event.

Advance words from fellow Bicolano Danton Remoto, author of Riverrun, A Novel, Winner of the National Achievement Award for Poetry, Writers’ Union of the Philippines:

“Many worlds collide in the poetry of Cynthia Buiza, but what remains with the reader are the worlds of the new country vis-a-vis the old homeland. Silt and silk, stone and star, a vast country and an archipelago “with too many names for islands.” People suffer and live in her poems; violence and hope commingle here. “She maps this line of desolation from one continent to another…” It is a poetry teeming with images moist and melancholy, “ghosts frozen in the dead eye of memory.” The rough-grained world of the everyday and the slippery world of dreams are present, “surfacing in her dreams/ trailed by a lullaby of crickets nesting… in secret places.” This is an assured debut for a poet whose wise and wonderful voice deserves to be heard, loud and clear.”

The Future Is a Country I Do Not Live In is available at Philippine Expressions Bookshop,, Amazon, and other retailers.

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