Padayon, Nomadic Press!

Statement from Nomadic Press, January 30, 2023:

We hope that this finds you all well. We have some difficult and very unfortunate news to share.

Starting at the end of 2021 and throughout 2022 (and now 2023), Nomadic Press (and many other publishers that we have spoken to) have seen a big drop in sales. For us, this was paired with the decrease in the funding that was made available in 2020/2021 and a couple of weeks ago we found out that we had not received a large amount of funding that was going to help sustain us through these first few months of the year. We are now in a position of not being able to make ends meet. 

After nearly 12 years, Nomadic Press is closing. We have already begun the process of decreasing (or cutting altogether) our hours and we have closed the kiosk and the markets. All Nomadic Press related operations in all locations are closing. Any donations that were made to our latest fundraiser (started on January 13) will go (or have already gone) to pay our people and close out the remaining bills as we move toward closure. 

Our last publications in 2023 will be the 10 chapbooks (come and celebrate on February 4 here). Keenan Norris’ Lustre, Elwin Cotman’s The Wizard’s Homecoming, and potentially 1 or 2 additional titles that were slated for publication in 2023. Our last Virtual Open Mic will take place on Friday, February 24.

Our books will be available through our website until February 28. From March 1–December 31, 2023, our books will only be available directly from authors and through our distributor, SPD (book buy links on our website will be updated to redirect to them to SPD at the end of February). After December 31, 2023, our books will not be available (other than directly from authors).

Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking to a number of other publishers around the country to try our best to find well-fitting homes (aligned with our mission and vision) for as many of beautiful authors’ books as possible. 

We also had reserved a table at AWP Seattle this year in March. If a publisher you know might be interested in purchasing this from us, please connect us. The cost is the same as AWP charges ($650). 

This year, we will once again administer the SFF/Nomadic Press Literary Awards. Invitations are accepted from February 15–March 1 from any writers of poetry, fiction, or non fiction currently living in Contra Costa, Alameda, or San Francisco counties are welcome to send us their work. We will be awarding $5,000 to 10 writers again this year ($50,000 total). Be on the lookout for more information here and on our website in the coming days:.

Nomadic Press was what we made it—a supportive, loving family of writers, activists, organizers, teachers, and overall engaged community members. The clear energies and intentions that we wove into our movements have been, are, and will continue to be. Though the container is transitioning we have full faith in the continuance of the community that was woven through our years of gathering on the page and stage.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who joined us on this journey and to those who continue to do the self/community work to intentionally build literary spaces on the page and stage that are representative of the world that we actually live in and decenter those who have traditionally too often been centered. There is so much more work to do.

We continue.

Nomadic Press

Paloma Press joins the San Francisco Bay Area community of writers and artists in expressing gratitude and appreciation to Nomadic Press for their immeasurable contributions to our shared creative endeavors and social justice advocacies over the years. “Through publications, events, and active community participation, Nomadic Press has collectively [woven] together platforms for intentionally marginalized voices… and [built] alliances and community partnerships with others who share a collective vision for a future far better than today.” We say, Padayon, which is more than moving forward. It is a hope we carry as we go through these movements of life, that greater and better days are coming. With much respect, and all our best wishes.

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