My Beauty

by Anne Gorrick & John Bloomberg-Rissman

Published by Paloma Press
Release Date: February 19, 2018
Pages: 44
Price: $16 (before discount)
Distributor: Paloma Press

Paloma Press is delighted to announce the release of MY BEAUTY IS AN OCCUPIABLE SPACE: 37 Prosed Sonnets by Anne Gorrick and John Bloomberg-Rissman.

Anne is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of six books of poetry including An Absence So Great and Spontaneous it is Evidence of Light (The Operating System, 2018) and The Olfactions: Poems on Perfume (BlazeVOX Books, 2017). She is President of the Board of Trustees at Century House Historical Society, home of the Widow Jane Mine, an all-volunteer organization ( and site of the annual Subterranean Poetry Festival. Anne lives in West Park, New York.

John calls himself a mashup ethnologist. He has spent the last dozen years or so working on a long project called Zeitgeist Spam. Parts published so far: No Sounds of My Own Making (Leafe Press, 2007), Flux, Clot & Froth (Meritage Press, 2010), the text (as remixed by Lynn Behrendt) in A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me (Lunar Chandelier Press, 2016), and In the House of the Hangman (Lauching/Ouch/Cube/Publications, 2017). You can find him online at Zeitgeist Spam ( John lives in San Diego, kitty-corner across the US from Anne.

Sonnet 1 – My beauty sounds like itself
My beauty is not a story. My beauty is not free speech. “Twenty-three, with black, straight, shoulder-length hair / and tight T-shirt and jeans, my beauty looked like it could be a Ramone, The bartender / thought so; before the show, he kept / serving it free drinks.” My beauty is a Last Chance Beauty Queen. She’s restless for an Ikea rodeo, wears sushi bar sandals, stale green light, Styrofoam skin care products, government faucets, formaldehyde iPhones, my beauty is reading this to find out how you can get free stuff, Evanescence edits my beauty. You lied about the number of atoms in other elements. Go photograph a deck of cards and separate them from your other nouns. I’m injecting my eight-year-old son with Botox. ‘Tis ma belle (mah bel), my beauty, an indexical. The night I met Einstein. Ah, Whitney, après la deluge! My beauty sounds like itself. Is my beauty base or superstructure?

Advance words:
“These ‘sonnets’ fizz and sparkle, full of ideas and insights from writers who clearly inspired each other. There is a baroque richness to this text which ranges from ideas about “beauty” to social injustice, gender politics and much else besides. An ongoing delight for the reader, this text is an improvisation, the poets riffing off each other to capture the mind-boggling fractures of twenty-first century communication and turn them into art.”
—Alan Baker, author of Hotel February

“I’ve been trying, for two weeks, to write a few blurb-lines about this book, but every time I dip into it I end up making some new poems instead. This is a very alive poem space to exist in, think through, make out of. This morning my beauty is a study of the microbiome with some thoughts about wild yeast production. I’m looking forward to what it knows tomorrow.”
—Jen Tynes, author of Hunter Monies


HUMORS by Joel Chace

Copyright © Joel Chace
Release Date: January 2018
Paperback, 58 pages
Price: $16 (before discount)
Distributor: Paloma Press

Paloma Press is pleased to announce the release of Joel Chace’s HUMORS.

“…Humors speaks of the world in front of our eyes and the world hidden within that landscape/mindscape, coloring in the shadows with history, theology, ideology, and human relations, which achieve a realism beyond doubt or faith. This is the complex muddle of life with all its curves and wobbles, ascents and descents. It is a canny and lovely journey filled with “language that births soul/…and/voice /breathing fire in/the crowded theater.”
Maxine Chernoff, author of Without and New Faces of 1952

For review copies or for more information, please email

JOEL CHACE has published work in print and electronic magazines such as The Tip of the Knife, Counterexample Poetics, OR, Country Music, Infinity’s Kitchen, and Jacket. Most recent collections include Sharpsburg (Cy Gist Press), Blake’s Tree (Blue & Yellow Dog Press), Whole Cloth (Avantacular Press), Red Power (Quarter After Press), Kansoz (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press), Web Too (Tonerworks), War, and After (BlazeVOX [books]), and Scorpions (Unlikely Books).

Anne with an E & Me

Wesley St. Jo

Copyright © Cecilia Ibardaloza

Release date: January 2018
Paperback, 32 pages
Out of stock

ANNE WITH AN E & ME is a nod to what is true and pure and tween, “I wish to begin / the year / with clarity—/ my favorite word / next to / epiphany…”  It’s about friendships, hopes, goals, boys, hair, big words and birthday stars. It is a tribute to Anne Shirley because if Anne were real and alive today, she’d be a kindred spirit.

Paloma Press is delighted to announce the release of ANNE WITH AN E & ME, an illustrated poetry book by Wesley St. Jo.

St. Jo is also the illustrator and co-author of BLUE, a whimsical poetry collection launched at the Library of Congress in September, and presented at the 4th Filipino American International Book Festival and at LITQUAKE’s Lit Crawl in San Francisco in October.

Advance words:
“When I was growing up, Anne of Green Gables was my heroine and role model. Years later, Wesley St. Jo’s collection of poetry describes the joyful “spirit” of Anne of the 21st century. She gives us an ear to the cadence of what is important to her Anne. Her poems capture the optimism, wit, passion, and intelligence that I loved so much about the Anne who I read when I was a young girl.” —Mary Kasimor, author of silk string arias & The Landfill Dancers

Review by Eileen Tabios
“I recommend ANNE WITH AN E & ME for making the reader smile… and smile about the book long after it’s been read. In the world of these poems, optimism never flags and that is quite a tonic for these days.”

Distributor: Paloma Press

Paloma’s Year-Ender

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Paloma Press. Our very first book, BLUE by Wesley St Jo and Reme Grefalda, was released in March and officially launched at The Library of Congress in September. MANHATTAN: An Archaeology by Eileen R. Tabios, debuted at the 4th Annual Filipino American International Book Festival in October. Two of our chapbooks were fundraising projects: MARAWI, in support of the Marawi armed conflict evacuees in the Southern Philippines, and AFTER HARVEY AFTER IRMA, for hurricane-displaced animals in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

We culminated this year’s activities by curating “Three Sheets to the Wind,” a literary performance, as part of the 2017 Litquake Festival in San Francisco. Plus, we got our books into the mighty and independently-owned Arkipelago Books in San Francisco! (if you’re an author or publisher, you’ll know it’s almost impossible to get your books into a physical bookstore). We also have copies of our books at Stanford Library, SF Public Library, The Poet’s House, Endicott College, Woodland Pattern Book Center, Asian American Studies Center, University at Buffalo, and the AAPI Collection at the Library of Congress.

Our point in all this is–none of this would have been possible without the help of the Filipino American community and the wider network of writers, artists, reviewers and booksellers, from the Bay Area, DC, Philly, Southern Cali, Luxembourg, New Zealand and the Philippines. To Eileen Tabios, Reme Grefalda, Edwin Lozada, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Veronica Montes, Albert Alejo, Ivy Alvarez, Mary Kasimor, Agnes Marton, Lisa Suguitan Melnick, James Warner, Steve Warner, Melinda Luisa de Jesus, John Moore Williams, Sarah Martin, Anne Gorrick, Krip Yuson, Jenny Ortuoste, Zvi Sesling, Grady Harp, Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier, T. C. Marshall, Joey Madia, Brianne Alphonso, Lily Prijoles, & everyone who bought our books, maraming, maraming salamat po. It really takes a village to launch a book.

A BIG Furry Thank You!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. —Karen Davison

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! (whether you supported our fundraiser or donated directly to your favorite charity, your kindness is changing lives—Austin Pets Alive! alone reports having rescued around 3,000 animals after Harvey!) And THANK YOU to all the volunteers in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico who have been working tirelessly, rescuing and relocating animals before and after the storm.

With your help, Paloma Press was able to donate money to Austin Pets Alive!, the Animal Defense League of Texas, Jacksonville Humane Society, and The Sato Project. (We carefully chose these rescue organizations based on the criteria that they are 1) no-kill shelters, and 2) they are vetted by charity watchdog organizations such as Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.)

From Jacksonville Humane Society:

From the Animal Defense League of Texas:

From Austin Pets Alive!:

But after Harvey and after Irma, Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20th:

Living conditions in Puerto Rico remain grim… Power is still out across the island and may not be fully restored until mid-December. The horrible conditions after the storm forced some people to abandon their pets. Animal shelters also lost their roofs during Maria… Donations are needed for dozens of dogs and cats rescued from Puerto Rico. (ABC Action News, posted October 31, 2017)

Please help if you can.

Fil-Am poets meet on a Litcrawl

Excerpt from Jenny Ortuoste’s article originally published in the Manila Standard:

“On Oct. 14, I met Eileen for dinner in The City (what residents and Bay Area people call San Francisco) where I also met her husband Tom; Paloma Press publisher Aileen Cassinetto and her husband Paul, who gave the dinner; Veronica Montes and her husband Andrew Waghams, celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary; Steve Warner; and Paul’s delightful mother. I brought along my sister, also named Aileen, so that dinner was notable for having three E/Aileens—half of the women at that table.” (Continue reading here.)