Pushcart & Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to this year’s Pushcart & Best of the Net nominees!

Jeanne-Marie Osterman, Jacki Rigoni, Lara Stapleton (Paloma Press)

Cole Eubanks, Eugene Gloria, Veronica Kornberg, Jenna Le, Esteban Rodriguez, James J. Siegel (MiGoZine, Pushcart)

Tamiko Beyer, Karla Brundage, Clara Hsu, Hilary King, Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Timothy Liu (MiGoZine, Best of the Net)

Eileen Tabios Engages TROE

“If you could only read one of the nine short stories, “New” makes the release of the entire book worthwhile. And “Flesh and Blood” also passed my key test as not just a reader but a writer: the story made me want to run to my own pen or keyboard to write. The stories are engaging but the writing is also a writer’s writer’s delight: characterizations are not just deep but sumptuous, structures are not just innovative but fresh, and the narratives are both finely detailed but interspersed with psychological caesuras for maximizing the reader’s inhabitance.”

Continue reading Tabios’ engagement of Lara Stapleton’s The Ruin of Everything in The Halo-Halo Review.

TRoE @ Bowery & KGB

Scenes from Lara Stapleton’s Flesh and Blood book party at VON 3 Bleecker, Bowery and reading at KGB Bar NYC!

Zack Linmark, author of Rolling the R’s, in conversation with Lara Stapleton (The Ruin of Everything), Sabina Murray (The Human Zoo) and Gina Apostol (The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata)

Click here for more information about The Ruin of Everything by Lara Stapleton.

Spring release: Wanna Peek Into My Notebook?

Cover art by Mel Vera Cruz; design by C. Sophia Ibardaloza

Paloma Press is pleased to announce the early spring release of Wanna Peek Into My Notebook? Notes on Pinay Liminality, a collection of lyric essays on Pinay poetics, by Barbara Jane Reyes.

Advance words by Jason Magabo Perez: “These critical and East Bay tender third world feminist lyrics model for us what it means to commit to the unglorified ‘work of arriving,’ to care rigorously about craft, and to craft religiously a genuine care for community.”

Please stay tuned, more to follow!

The TRoE Virtual Book Launch!


Thank you so much everyone who joined our TRoE virtual book release party via zoom and FB Live! Special thanks to Edwin Lozada & PAWA, guest readers Eileen Tabios, Ricco Siasoco and Beverly Parayno for supporting Lara Stapleton and Paloma Press, and Tony Robles, Claire Pamplin, Grace Talusan, Kimi Sugioka, Zach Linmark and Gina Apostol for the thoughtful questions & engagements.

If you missed the livestream, you can watch the recording on YouTube or FB Live (apologies in advance that this unedited version contains zoom bombed segments).

If you’re in NYC, you wouldn’t want to miss these TRoE in-person events:
“Flesh & Blood Party,” Friday 10/22, 7pm Eastern at VON 3 Bleecker St. @Bowery with Nerissa Balce & Ligaya Mishan

“The Ruin of the Human Zoo” with Sabina Murray, Gina Apostol & Zach Linmark, Thursday 11/4, 7pm Eastern at KGB Bar

Lastly, please support TRoE by asking your local bookstore to buy it or by leaving a review on Amazon. Maraming salamat!

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