The Mana Creative Futures Project


/ maa · nuh /

(Filipino) legacy
(Spanish) skill
(Polynesian, Melanesian, Maori, CCG) power

THE MANA CREATIVE FUTURES PROJECT, an initiative of Paloma Press, aims to support, celebrate, mentor, and partner with culture makers, to expand our understanding of what it means to reimagine all of our possibilities. 

In December 2022, The Mana Creative Futures Project launched AMERICAN DREAMS which are language-based public art installations that use augmented reality to overlay digital content on a supported mobile device’s (iOS) camera. This project aims to transform shared spaces, promote ideas and messages of hope, cultivate a sense of belonging, and offer an opportunity to change, inspire, confront, and write ourselves into the kind of future we all want to see. Examples of featured content are 17-syllable poems (or American Sentences) on the theme of our possible futures. To participate, or for more information on this project and other future programs, please email info [at]


Inspiring and reshaping our creative futures.

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