Glimpses’ long-awaited book launch

Please join us for the long-awaited book launch for Conrad Benedicto's Masalaya's Gift and Leny Strobel's Glimpses. Due to the pandemic, this event had been postponed until we could safely gather outdoors. 

The launch will be held at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, which is right next to Spring Lake and connected by a walking trail. There's also a playground and a train ride at the park, and camping at Spring Lake if you wish to spend the weekend in beautiful Sonoma County. Please bring your own water bottle/cup, a sun hat and lawn chairs.

This event is kindly organized by Karen Pennrich and Brenda Bautista. 

GLIMPSES: Review by Lisa Suguitan Melnick

Glimpses: A Poetic Memoir by Leny Mendoza Strobel shows a more personal side of the noted academic, a departure from her usual scholarly output. Glimpses is still infused with plenty of academic language characteristic of Strobel’s voice, despite her having declared herself “free from the obligatory academic language, citations, footnotes and such…” (Positively Filipino, March 2020)

Racial Justice Allies features Leny Mendoza Strobel’s GLIMPSES

In Glimpses: A Poetic Memoir (Through the MDR Generator), Filipino-American author, academic and local community leader Leny Mendoza Strobel takes an arguably more personal approach to this work than in her previous writing. However, as the reader soon learns, the distinctions between the personal and the political, between poetics and polemics, and between the individual and the social world in which individuals operate are all just more cultural assumptions worth challenging. For example, her memories of young love and high school experiences are not disconnected from the forces of globalization nor oppressive experiences of hierarchy. Her poetry is a reflection of a thought process always questioning the foundations on which it was formed. The result is an unflinching look at how personal memories and personal dreams can affect and are affected by culture, spirit, and society. After all, she says, “I do not have an I without You”.

Christopher Bowers

Maileen Hamto reviews GLIMPSES by Leny Strobel

The questions you pose in Glimpses, Ka Leny, are not only provocative, they’re instructional. Living as settler-colonialists in these stolen indigenous lands, you challenge us to deconstruct our realities and identities as racialized, colonized beings… continue reading.

(Read Margo Stebbing’s love note to Leny Strobel here. For HALO-HALO’s table of contents, please click here.)